Empowering kids to aim high

Giving children the ammunition they need to succeed, we inspire a generation of straight shooters who hit the mark—every time. Inspired by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show

Arm a kid to face the world.

Did you know 9 year olds in a whole lot of states can use firearms? Even machine guns! Arm them today. Call now 888 GUNS-4-KIDS. Guns4Kids is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NRA

This Seems Unwise?

Guns4Kids has the common sense backing of many parents nationwide, especially in Iowa.

Builds self confidence
Children who handle handguns are more assertive and assured.

Adult supervision
A grownup maintains visual and verbal contact at all times. May be on FaceTime.

Legal in most states
Toddler through teenager, Guns4Kids is legal in most states in the USA.

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All guns accepted nationwide.

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